We work across various genres from pop and electronic to indie rock and singer-songwriter styles. In particular specialising in modern vocal production and building up initial song ideas into full productions.

Single & EP Packages

Includes mixing, vocal processing, session and virtual instruments and mastering*

Perfect for: Solo Artists, bands, Singer/Songwriters.

*Includes in-house mastering for digital or CD release. Designated mastering engineer / suite available on request.

Music Apps

Using industry standard equipment, software and 

traditional & modern techniques includes vocal processing.

Perfect for: Multi-track band projects, Solo Artists or home recordings

Music Amplifier Repair
Vocal Processing

Pro-tuning, time alignment and production


(including harmony and backing vocal creation/arrangement)

Perfect for: Electronic Music Producers, Pop Artists

Session and Virtual Instruments

Live acoustic & electric guitar, bass guitar and 

keyboard written and mixed into song(s).

Virtual Acoustic Drums, Drum Machines, Synth, Orchestral

Perfect for: Solo Artists, Small bands, Singer/Songwriters.

Songwriting and composing

Bespoke royalty free or collaboration songs and scores

Perfect for: Singers, Filmmakers or record labels