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gritty and eurphoric

CARTA INC (Craig Henderson) is possesses and brutal combination of production and performance talent. He is comfortable both in the studio and behind the decks. HistPerformances are a unique blend of hard though musical talent playing live synths, sequencers and even guitar 






I offer a wide range of different production services. Regardless of style I will take an objective, creative, and professional approach to making it sound radio ready. You’ll not only benefit from cutting-edge production equipment and software; you’ll also get an experienced ear to guarantee your music sounds incredible. Scroll through the different services on offer for a unique and special music experience including:

  • Recording (on site/remote) 

  • Mixing & Mastering 

  • Pro-vocal tuning and production

  • Live instrument tracks - Guitar, Bass & Keys

  • Virtual Instrument Tracks - Strings, Synth & Drums

  • House/Electronic Vocal Tuner + Master

  • Songwriting (Royalty-free Tracks for you to record to)

Based in Hoylake, Wirral (just outside of Liverpool, UK).

All services are offered remotely. Recording can take place in rehearsal spaces/home (mobile setup) within North West or further afield on request.  

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