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I believe the songs being created right now in bedrooms and living rooms deserve to be heard at their best. Things have changed and you dont need to spend thousands on weeks in a studio - with a few good quality vocal and or guitar tracks you can have a radio-ready release good to go in a matter of days. With experience in rock/indie bands as well as house music I used industry stand equipment and techniques to get you sounding your best. 

I first became interested in music at a young age with some successful band appearances, and soon wanted to try my hand at mixing tracks and sounds. I began producing music for myself upcoming artists after realising that I was able to envision the final musical results other musicians could not. I have since been expanding services and have become a trusted Music Producer on the local music scene. Whether polishing vocals, arranging music or producing it, I can be counted on to make your music matter. Examples from previous clients are below - if you’d like to learn more or schedule a meeting feel free to get in touch.






I offer a wide range of different production services. Regardless of style I will take an objective, creative, and professional approach to making it sound radio ready. You’ll not only benefit from cutting-edge production equipment and software; you’ll also get an experienced ear to guarantee your music sounds incredible. Scroll through the different services on offer for a unique and special music experience including:

  • Recording (on site/remote) 

  • Mixing & Mastering 

  • Pro-vocal tuning and production

  • Live instrument tracks - Guitar, Bass & Keys

  • Virtual Instrument Tracks - Strings, Synth & Drums

  • House/Electronic Vocal Tuner + Master

  • Songwriting (Royalty-free Tracks for you to record to)

Based in Hoylake, Wirral (just outside of Liverpool, UK).

All services are offered remotely. Recording can take place in rehearsal spaces/home (mobile setup) within North West or further afield on request.  

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